Naupaka Motif & Doilies


Hawaii is one of my favorite places on earth. The friendly people, beautiful landscape, and warm sunshine all put a smile on my face. Sometimes, you just need a short break from the constant Seattle rain! My family and I love to spend time swimming in the ocean and hiking in the mountains. There is a small flower called the naupaka that grows on both the beaches and the mountains of Hawaii. It is a small, unassuming little flower that looks like half of its petals are missing. There are several versions of the legend of naupaka. I won't go into too much detail regarding the legend, but the flower was the inspiration for the motif and doilies. 


2 shuttles

DMC Cordonnet thread, size 30



Round 1: R 4-4—4-4, Ch 2—2. *R 4+4—4-4, Ch 2—2.* Repeat * * 14 more times. Total 16 Rs and Chs. SLJ.

Round 2: *R 3—3+3—3 (to any R p on previous round), Ch 7 [Sh2: R 1—1—1—1—1—1] 7.* SLJ.

Round 3: *R 1—1—1+1—1—1 (to any middle R p on previous round), Ch 9 [Sh2: R 1—1—1—1—1—1] 9.* SLJ.

Round 4: *R 1—1—1+1—1—1 (to any middle R p on previous round), Ch 13 [Sh2: R 1—1—1—1—1—1] 13.* SLJ.

Note: Tat up to Round 2 for the motif. Tat up to Round 3 for the small doily. Tat up to Round 4 for the medium doily.


Pattern by Hye-oon Lee.

Styling and photography by Eunice Lee.

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