Daisy Picot Flowers


I make a conscious effort to not waste any leftover thread. A really easy way to use leftover thread is to make tiny flowers. I have a couple boxes filled with tiny flowers that I made using only leftover thread. It makes me happy to look at all the different colors from all the different projects that I worked on. 

I found these nice fabric-covered keepsake boxes this past weekend at a local paper store and thought it would be nice to decorate them with some of the flowers. All you need to do is attach them with a bit of tacky glue.


2 shuttles

Olympus thread, size 40, 2 colors



R 1 [Sh2: R 12] 2 [Sh2: R 12] 2 [Sh2: R 12] 2 [Sh2: R 12] 2 [Sh2: R 12] 2 [Sh2: R 12] 12 [Sh2: R 12] 2 [Sh2: R 12] 1. SLJ.


Pattern by Hye-oon Lee.

Styling and photography by Eunice Lee. 

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