Friendship Bracelets


Happy summer solstice! Today is the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Although it is a rather gray day in Seattle, I am excited for the warm sunshine ahead.

It has been quite some time since I last updated my blog, so I wanted to share a new pattern for these simple tatted friendship bracelets. When my daughters were in their middle school years, they used to make friendship bracelets using embroidery thread to swap with their friends. I thought it would be fun to make a tatted version. These bracelets have a bit of an elastic feel to them once they are finished. 

Hope you all have exciting summer plans, which includes some tatting! 



1 shuttle and a ball of thread

Olympus thread, size 40



First half: R 8-5, leave 1/8 inch of thread, *R 5+3-5, leave 1/8 inch of thread,* repeat * * to desired length (42 Rs for a small bracelet and 44 Rs for a larger bracelet), R 5+8.

Second half: R 8-5, SLJ to last thread space, *R 5+3-5, SLJ.*

Ends: Add thread to end space between two Rs. *Ch 3/3,* repeat 14 more times for a small bracelet and 19 more times for a larger bracelet.


Pattern by Hye-oon Lee.

Styling and photography by Eunice Lee.

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