Evangeline Doily and Pumpkin Season


“October arrived, spreading a damp chill over the grounds and into the castle. Madam Pomfrey, the nurse, was kept busy by a sudden spate of colds among the staff and students. Raindrops the size of bullets thundered on the castle windows for days on end; the lake rose, the flower beds turned into muddy streams, and Hagrid’s pumpkins swelled to the size of garden sheds.”—J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

It is a rather damp and dreary first day of October in Seattle, so we are staying indoors, roasting pumpkins to use in baking. My daughter got a head start on her pumpkin baking last weekend, with these mini pumpkin bundt cakes, pictured with the Evangeline Doily. Later in the month, we will be carving pumpkins in preparation for Halloween! 

Pattern by Hye-oon Lee.

Styling and photography by Eunice Lee.

Hye-oon Lee4 Comments