Blueberry Picking


Every year, we look forward to picking blueberries. Although we have a few blueberry bushes in our garden, we still enjoy picking blueberries at one of the local farms. This morning, we went to Mountainview Blueberry Farm. We easily filled up four buckets because the bushes were overflowing with ripe blueberries! I like to eat them as they are, but I also enjoy them in a blueberry buckle, which is a cake that my daughter makes at least once a year. She learned to make it when she was about 10 years old, and has been making it ever since, improving it every time. I will post a photo of her blueberry buckle on Instagram sometime this week, along with the Elizabeth doily series from my book, one of which is also depicted in the photo above. 

Styling and photography by Eunice Lee.

Hye-oon Lee2 Comments